Top Child-friendly Activities in Cyprus

Sightseeing with a local

Sightseeing is just looking around if you don't have a local showing you around. Do you want to experience the local Cyprus life from their eyes?

Nature Walk

Going on a nature walk with your children is an excellent way to inspire a love and appreciation for the natural world. 

Vegetable Picking

Let's take the children along and show them where their food comes from. Choose from Strawberry, Olive or Molehiya (traditional Cyprus leaves) picking.

Horse Riding

Kids love horses. They dream of them, pretend they are them, and love pony rides. Let them enjoy experiencing their dreams.

Fishing Trip

Fishing is a great activity to enjoy with your family and friends that can be done at any age. To be sure your kids first experience is a positive one, why not try with a professional?

Eco-village Visit

Unlike big companies, you will make real connections with traditional Cyprus people and see traditional life up close.