Ideas for Winter in Cyprus

New Year is perhaps the most long-awaited and magical holiday, when cherished dreams come true. And, this fascinating island with warm traditions, special and interesting customs, lots of activities for everyone, unique events, fairs and folk festivals carried out in all major cities and delicious tastes, is a great destination when it is time to say goodbye to the outgoing year and look optimistically into the future. There is no need to mention the warm weather and friendly Cypriots.

Sightseeing with a local

Sightseeing is just looking around if you don't have a local showing you around. Do you want to experience the local Cyprus life from their eyes?

Spiritual Journeys

A spiritual journey using breath-work, meditation, and more will help your season restoration and increase motivation. Now experience the Cypriot way!

Cooking Workshop

Looking for something indoor? Why not learn the secret recipes of delicious Cypriot cuisine.


Any Cyprus related workshop... Traditional Hand Craft Course,  Olive Oil Tasting, Breath Exercise, Soap Making, Show Making, Wood Cawing and more

Nature Walk

Going on a nature walk is an excellent way to inspire a love and appreciation for the natural world. Sunny weather is a bonus!

Meet with a Cypriot Artist

Art, Nature, local tastes, local friendship and a mini ceramic workshop... You will not regret this experience!