Diving Excursion (to Karpaz or Kormacit)

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Diving Excursion (to Karpaz or Kormacit)

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A wonderful day to Karpaz or Kormacit, to enjoy one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean Sea. Both Karpaz and Kormacit are spectacular places, where Nature Mother behaved so generous to them. Sea hosts many speices and you will experience underwater life in the most enjoyable way! Dive Karpaz or Dive at Kormacit is going to be an unforgettable experience!

This course is suitable for AOW qualifications. Includes 2 dives, lunch and transfers.

We are located in Kyrenia. Our dive center is shore based and all the facilities are compact. Our dive center is only 10-15 mins ride from the most exciting dive sites of the island.


  • Minimum age for Discover Scuba Diving is 10 years old. Age 10-12, needs to be accompanied by parents and age 12+ kids with parental consent
  • You need to feel medically fit to scuba dive,¬†not suffering from any disqualifying conditions such as diabetes, blackouts (epilepsy etc.), perforated eardrum, high blood pressure, heart disease, any lung or respiratory disorder, dependence on drugs
  • Know free-style swimming


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Cyprus, Kyrenia, Kormacit/ Kormakitis, Karpaz / Karpasia


English, Turkish


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