Cyprus Bronze Age visit with mini-Pottery Workshop

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Cyprus Bronze Age visit with mini-Pottery Workshop

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Myself, Mehmet Piro, and my family are delighted to offer a unique cultural experience as part of your Cyprus holiday. The island of Cyprus, has hosted many tribes in different time periods over 10,000 years and many archaeological artifacts from Cyprus are currently displayed around the museum worldwide.

Here, we make each piece by hand using the time honored methods of the ancient Cypriots, with the same original and naturally firing and painting techniques.

As part of this experience, you will have 2 hrs mini-workshop designed to explore and develop creativity and see a small demonstration. You will what a fantastic medium clay is; its natural material, universally inclusive and reacts to the touch, no matter how slight the intervention.

You will keep your work created out of love and a good deal of passion as a memory.

Our studio, based in Dikmen located about halfway between Nicosia and Kyrenia, also sells amazing replicas of ancient Bronze Age pieces discovered over the island of Cyprus, made by us, whom have special permission and license of the Department of Antiquities and Museums. We always have the basic philosophy of “loyalty to the original”.

Wine tastes even better when served with beautiful cups, handmade & decorated with local motifs. 

Please note that our English is limited and for an easier communication, we offer translation service for a small extra charge.


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Cyprus, Kyrenia


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